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Chapter 5, A Software Receiver

By Scott Gleason, Morgan Quigley and Pieter Abbeel

A fully functional software receiver has been designed to demonstrate many of the steps performed in a GNSS navigation receiver, as overviewed in Chapters 2,3 and 4. This receiver includes: a FFT acquisition; code and carrier tracking; pseudorange measurements; navigation data decoding; and position, velocity, and time estimation functions. The software receiver is also capable of using external aiding data from the International GNSS Service (IGS) as well as applying WAAS differential ionosphere corrections.

GPS World, Innovations Article

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy: Satellite Navigation Using Doppler and Partial Pseudorange Measurements

By Nicholas Othieno and Scott Gleason

Nicholas Othieno M.A.Sc Thesis on Combined Doppler and Time-Free Positioning


GPS Receiver and Development Tools

Update 2012: fastgps with Doppler and Time-Free Positioning
fastgps As Included on Book DVD (Sept 2009)
libfastgps source directory including July 2010 Update



Data Sets and IGS Aiding Files

   Warning: Data Sets are very large and may take a very long time to download
Data Set 1, about 0.4 Gb (Guildford, England)
Data Set 1 IGS Aiding File
Data Set 2, about 1 Gb (Stanford, USA)
Data Set 2 IGS Aiding File
Data Set 3, 0.5 Gb (Savannah, USA)
Data Set 3 IGS Aiding File